Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Funtime with Gordo

We're asking all the big questions on Radio Wales today. Here's one prompted by someone who knows Gordon Brown well.

"Gordon is fun", says Don Touhig, the new prime minister's former parliamentary aide.

Mr Touhig does offer the occasional anecdote to back up the assertion, although "fun" is not normally the first word that springs to mind when you think of the man who's been in charge of the nation's finances for the past decade.

Other guests included the Welsh and Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain. He told listeners that Gordon Brown had spoken to him last night about the forthcoming reshuffle.

Mr Hain, famously "relaxed" at times of political trouble, says he is "comfortable" about the changes ahead. I'll be spending my off-air time today trying to find out the reasons why the Neath MP has suddenly entered the comfort zone.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the burden of being a member of Her Majesty’s Government will be removed from his shoulders this coming afternoon….