Tuesday, 31 March 2009

They're not singing any more

Others have written at length about the new Labour website Aneurin Glyndwr - "definitely one to watch" as Labour's leader in Wales put it. (Definitely not one to listen to for music lovers)

If you thought that was an endorsement, Rhodri Morgan says you are being "naughty". The First Minister told reporters this morning that he had no prior knowledge of the site's content or style and had not approved it.

The site has now dropped its spoof Delilah video, it says in response to protests from opponents - although there were also murmurs of the Performing Rights Society taking an interest.

Welsh Secretary Paul Murphy was said by colleagues to be "furious" about the spoof, although those close to him pointed out that "fury isn't really Paul's style".

His endorsement was apparently confined to a website putting Welsh Labour's ideas into the blogosphere rather than the Delilah spoof.


Anonymous said...

So what do you think of the new politics in Wales Spoofocracy !!!

David Cornock said...

Luckily, all my views on potentially controversial issues were surgically removed when I joined the BBC.