Thursday, 6 August 2009

Postcard from Srebrenica

The Prime Minister, we're told, is fitting in some voluntary work during his break from Downing Street.

He's not the only senior political figure getting involved in good deeds during the summer, as my photograph shows.

Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague travelled to Srebrenica, Bosnia as part of a Conservative Party social action project. Also pictured are Tobias EllwoodMP, Shazia Awam (party activist from Cardiff) and Baroness Warsi.

You can probably guess the source of two of the the two toys presented to a school for children with special needs.

Shazia Awan told me: "What struck me on the way in were two building right opposite the school that had been completely shelled- the deep scars of civil war still everywhere 15 years on.

"Spending time with the children was invaluable- their spirit was amazing and you cannot fail to be captivated by them."

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