Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Not a Brown-noser

Gordon Brown's appearance before Labour MPs this week didn't go quite as well as planned.

A couple of senior backbenchers questioned the PM on this week's changes in income tax.

Nia Griffith, who as a parliamentary aide is a junior member of the Government, warned that the abolition of the 10p in the pound tax rate would affect the less well-off among her Llanelli constituents.

The encounter came during a private meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party on Monday night.

At least Mr Brown is spared a public inquisition by MPs this week. He's at a NATO summit in Romania, so Harriet Harman is standing in for him.

I'll let you know if she wears the stab vest that is apparently de rigeur in her Peckham constituency.

1 comment:

Robert said...

Seems after the loss of her beloved Blair Nia has found out she is Labour after all.