Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Rickshaw for Flynn!

Some people think MPs are ferried around in limousines at taxpayers' expense.

Paul Flynn, MP for Newport West, offers contrary evidence. He returned to the Commons last night in a rickshaw.

This is how he tells the story on his blog: "Stranded in the rain last night, without a taxi in sight and then blessed relief trundled along in the shape of Polish muscle power.

"I hailed it nd I glided majestically across Westminster Bridge in a rickshaw expertly pedalled by a Polish basetball player. It was a first for the police on carriage gates. They applauded as I trundled through. Getting across the security glass-well was tricky.

"The rickshaw has a small wheelbase. Having successfully manoeuvred that it was a dawdle to take me a foot away from my car parked at palace court. This was a far better pollution-free service than the taxi. The £5 cost was the same with the added satisfaction on contribution to the Polish economy."

Let's hope he kept the receipt.

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Anonymous said...

Is "basetball" some cruel Polish sport involving sausage shaped dogs and a bat?