Monday, 23 June 2008

Influencing people

Welsh First Minister Rhodri Morgan will today receive a letter signed by more than "50 people of influence in Wales", a description chosen by the Gwlad Alliance in whose name the letter has been sent.

These "50 people of influence in Wales" are protesting at what they see is the Welsh Assembly Government's determination to expand windpower.

"We believe," write the "50 people of influence in Wales", this policy is misguided and out of date and does not take into account the wishes of local people.

You are doubtless on tenterhooks, anxious to know who these "50 people of influence in Wales" are.

They include broadcaster Sian Lloyd, the Archbishop of Wales, Ffion Hague, The Marquess of Anglesey, The Rt Hon Lord Howe of Aberavon CH, QC, Lieutenant Colonel Sir Geoffrey Inkin OBE DL and Lady Inkin, and The Viscount Tenby.

It will be interesting to see whether this collection of celebrities and titles succeed in changing government policy.

Sceptics may doubt the power of open letters from public figures but it is fair to point out that some of the "50 people of influence" fighting to protect the Welsh landscape do actually live there.

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