Monday, 23 June 2008

Unlikely bloggers of our time - Llywydd Llwyd

Just as Andy Warhol prophesied that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes, so it appears that in the 21st centurey everyone will have a blog.

Croeso, welcome to the blogosphere, Elfyn Llwyd, a man whose IT skils have previously been limited to asking staff to print out the "web-blogs" of others, someone more familiar with pigeon post than e-mails.

Plaid's parliamentary leader has started blogging as part of his campaign for the party's presidency, currently held by Dafydd Iwan.

The president used to be Plaid's head honcho. That role is now performed by its leader in the Welsh Assembly, Ieuan Wyn Jones.

So what does the president do? A colleague compared it to the role of club captain at a football club. This is the official job description: "The president is the leader of the voluntary wing of the party. He/she coordinates the various officers of the party and is a bridge (Pont Elfyn?) between elected members and the party membership."

Although it's great to welcome a new blogger to this strange form of communication, some of us will be disappointed to see that the new blog doesn't have an Elfynometer on the side to indicate the current political temperature and whether it is safe to approach the author.

It's either a slap in the face or a snub to cheeky bloggers everywhere.....


Matthew said...

What a dull blog. Not going to win him any votes...

Since his blog is bilingual, could you advise anyone wishing to post comments on the Welsh translations for "pompous" and "thin-skinned"?

JacquesT said...

Well if Elfyn is incapable of a simple IT task like that, could he handle team captaincy?

And if he's not doing the blog, who IS doing it?

Idris said...

Carrying a dead slug on your top lip is no qualification for the presidency of a political party, and Elfyn's other qualities don't seem to make him the ideal choice.

A public inspiration? Hardly. An internal inspiration.? Ditto. A thinker? Only in the sense that he thinks he might quite like to be President.

A strategist? Perhaps best concentrate on leading the group in Westminster and working in the constituency.....and the anger management classes.

little red rooster said...

I can't think of a single campaign that Elfyn has led or inspired. He's a journeyman with none of the tact or wit needed for a role in representing the grassroots (few of whom are to be found in London, where he spends most of his week).