Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Going, going....

Here's a joke doing the rounds in the Welsh Assembly this afternoon:

A big player on the European stage….

Going to be really missed…..

A very hard act to follow indeed….

But that’s enough about Michael Ballack not playing against Wales tomorrow night, what about Eluned Morgan then?

Ms Morgan is stepping down as an MEP next June and the rumour bill is already buzzing over her plans.

Here is Peter Hain's verdict: "As a friend and close Party colleague, I hope she will find an appropriate and senior role in Welsh politics in future because she is one of Labour's brightest stars and the Party cannot afford to lose her talents."

"Appropriate and senior?" Westminster is awash with former Euro-MPs although the smart money appears to be on her ending up in Cardiff Bay, with obvious vacancies in Cardiff West and Pontypridd opening up for 2011.

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