Monday, 6 October 2008

Sink or swim

The joys of the mobile age......ambitious MPs and peers no longer have to wait by their phones for a call from Number 10 at reshuffle time.

The leader of the Lords, Lady Ashton, was having lunch with her Tory opposite number when the call came. Lord Strathclyde said: "It is a post that I think surprised her almost as much as me, since on Friday I was having lunch with her when the Prime Minister rang her on her mobile telephone.

"He, I have to say, was even more surprised to hear that she was having lunch with me."

The new Transport Minister, Lord Adonis, told peers: "My call came when I was in the Wallace Collection. The custodian asked me to turn off my mobile phone. I did toy with telling him it was the Prime Minister on the line but thought he might not believe this so I made a
rapid exit and took the call in the street."

Lady Ashton's replacement, Baroness Royall of Blaisdon, was apparently in a swimming pool when the PM called her. Waterproof mobiles....what will they think of next?

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