Monday, 18 January 2010

Home from home(s)

The selection of a Surrey councillor as Conservative parliamentary candidate in Ynys Mon has ruffled a few feathers.

Anthony Ridge-Newman says he is passionate about his Welsh heritage (his Mum came from Pontycymmer): "I have always believed that I owe my classical singing voice to my Welsh genetics."

Mr Ridge-Newman says he will move to Anglesey immediately and has already started learning Welsh.

Declaring himself to be "virtually a full-time candidate" may not go down to well with his current constituents 270 miles away. He was elected to the council only last June.

There is no shortage of advice for the new candidate from Tory activists on the conservativehome website.

One suggestion comes from a Quentin Langley: "One campaign idea which might have merit would be trying to persuade second home owners to vote in Ynys Mon rather than in their other constituency, though that might alienate other voters and might be difficult to organise in the timescale available."

An interesting campaign strategy - perhaps someone will start up to get the debate going.

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