Monday, 12 November 2007

Some must have prizes

Most politicians are selfless altruistic souls who wouldn't dream of grabbing any glory for their deeds or demanding recognition, let alone publicity, for their work.

So it often falls upon others, sometimes the media, to reward these efforts with appropriate deference.

Yes, the annual AM.PM awards are almost upon us. The winners will be announced live on the BBC programme of that name on December 5.

These are the categories:

Politician of the Year;
Newcomer of the Year;
Communicator of the Year;
Campaigner of the Year;
Most Outspoken.

A panel of experts, made up of pundits from the programme, will decide the winners. You may well have your own idea of deserving recipients for these awards. I'd love to hear them.

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Maxx said...

Lynne Neagle deserves something for actually doing something proactive in the Assembly and getting the WM to axe its massage ads - real politics, real campaign, real result. All of whioch probably means she hasn't got a hoppe in hell. Stil...