Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Flag waving

Wrexham Labour MP Ian Lucas shows off his new design for the Union flag. What do you think?
He said: "This is not just a dry constitutional issue – indeed, I am aware that the politics of flags can stir some strong emotions. I am also keenly aware that there is a school of thought in Wales which means people do not feel the Union Flag represents them.

“I hope my proposal will mean that those people feel that their concerns are being listened to, that the new constitutional arrangements in the UK are marked – and most of all, that there is a wide-ranging debate on the Union Flag and what it means in Wales and the UK."

Mr Lucas raised the issue in a special debate in the Commons last night - the Government has promised to consider his views but don't hold your breath.....

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Nick, BBC Wales Web Team said...

David, bbc.co.uk/northeastwales has received a couple of dozen comments overnight from people saying the Dragon should not be added to the Union flag. Furthermore, the comments appear to endorse the view of the North Wales Chief Constable that local politicians aren't in touch with the views of the electorate.