Friday, 23 November 2007

Groundhog Day

The Liberal Democrats are getting terribly excited about the discovery that the Welsh Assembly Government has the power to reshape councils in Wales.

The Assembly Government got terribly excited too when the idea that the power might be transferred from Westminster was first reported more than a year ago.

Indeed, WAG got so excited they first denied they had asked for the power - only to back down when a letter from a Minister (to Welsh Secretary Peter Hain) asking for the power was revealed.

There is of course a huge difference between acquiring a power and using it - a point we reported at the time. (I'm still waiting for WAG to say sorry, mind).

I didn't realise it was a total secret - in fact Peter Black's blog from October 2006 drew attention to the announcement at the time.


Peter Black said...

Here in fact but then nobody asked me before the latest exclusive.

Glyn Davies said...

Very nice tie you were wearing David.