Thursday, 9 April 2009

Cheryl has them rolling their eyes

Chris Mullin has reportedly spent some of the time since his diaries were published penning apologies to colleagues he criticised in A View from the Foothills.

No word yet on whether Cheryl Gillan should check her pigeonhole. Mullin is brutal in his assessment of the Shadow Welsh Secretary in her previous role shadowing him at International Development during the passage of a Bill in March 2001.

He writes: "The other piece of good fortune is Cheryl Gillan. Definitely not the A Team. She threw away the first half-hour with another diatribe against the iniquity of the timetable.

"She then tested the patience of the committee with a speech lasting the best part of an hour on the first group of amendments, several times having to be called to order by the chair.

"Once or twice I caught Tories on the benches behind her rolling their eyes; several times the Tory whip, Keith Simpson, winked at me.

"At one particularly low point, she succeeded in talking every one of her colleagues out of the room."

Ms Gillan says she doesn't wish to comment on the book.

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