Monday, 27 April 2009

Sore points

Political blogging may be a little light over the next day or so. I've stepped off the news treadmill for 36 hours.

I'm also recovering from the London Marathon. I ran, should you be interested, 3hrs 12mins 08secs, finishing 1,782nd behind Tarzan and Elvis but in front of most of the 35,00 runners.

I am now officially "good for my age". Alas, I am also feeling my age and can now only go up or down stairs with the speed of a dalek. (A sunburnt dalek at that, it was quite warm out there)The London Marathon is the most democratic of sporting events - today's politicians would probably call it "inclusive".

I can't have a kickabout at Old Trafford with Ryan Giggs but I can take part in a race alongside Olympic champions on the same course before the same cheering crowds.

My time qualifies me for a guaranteed entry for next year. Er, thanks but no thanks. I'll be joining the crowds in 2010 to cheer on the runners.

It will also leave the field clear for Chris Bryant to storm to victory. I'm not too much of a gentleman to point out that I beat the Rhondda MP by more than half an hour, although he had rather more money for a good cause dependent on his run.


Swansea Voter said...

Great result David

Adam Higgitt said...

Congratulations. Quite an achievement.

Ian James Johnson said...

Congratulations, David!

Davros said...

Of course, in the new, Welsh, Doctor Who, Daleks can now fly. But I doubt that's what you meant!