Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Ieuan Who?

Er, don't mention this within earshot of the current Plaid Cymru leadership, but the party's parliamentary candidate in Montgomeryshire has revealed her own political heroes.

Asked to name the best Plaid Cymru leader, Heledd Fychan chose not to take the easy way out and name the man who led the party into government and is currently deputy First Minister (Ieuan Wyn Jones) or indeed her former boss at Westminster (parliamentary leader Elfyn Llwyd).

Answering questions on the Mars Hill website, Heledd Fychan says: "Best Plaid Cymru leader would have to be Dafydd Wigley. He's an amazing politician, and managed to connect with people in every corner of Wales in a way no other Plaid Cymru leader had ever succeeded before."

Q: Which political figure has been your greatest inspiration?
A: "Dafydd Wigley again. His charisma and ability to speak publicly is outstanding."

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Valleys Mam said...

ahh you picked that up too,I have been smacked on my hand by a few bloggers for reporting this and being nasty to Heledd. That was quite amazing to me as I was actually praising her honesty.