Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Lembit on TV (again)

Lembit Opik is better known for appearing as a celebrity on TV rather than watching it.

But details of expense claims published by the Daily Telegraph today reveal he is also a fan of the gogglebox.

The Montgomeryshire MP (and star of numerous reality shows) tried to claim £2,499 for a 42-inch plasma television.

The claim was turned down - proof, says Mr Opik, that the system works.

He was re-imbursed £40 for a legal summons for non-payment of his council tax on his second home in south London.

The former Welsh Lib Dem leader says he's willing to pay back the claim.


Anonymous said...

So he's WILLING to pay it back, is he?! How kind and considerate of him, having tried to diddle us out of the money in the first place. He expected US to pay for his failure. Unbelievable.....
But the thing people are missing here is that during the timescale in quesiton, LO actually lived in THREE places, sharing another house with his then fiance Sean Lloyd. Which house was the plasma for?? Has anyone approached Ms Lloyd on this? And has anyone established just WHICH house he claimed for as his constituency home? There are lots more questions to ask as regards LO's expenses.

Anonymous said...

LO has been on TV today informing us that he was renting out his flat at the same time as he was claiming expenses on it. Surely this must be against the rules. This neds to be followed up

David Cornock said...

He had a tenant in the flat, who paid rent, which reduced his claim under the Additional Costs Allowance