Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sticky moment for Boris

An anecdote from the retiring Martyn Jones about his battle with Boris Johnson for the Clwyd South seat in 1997.

"Boris went to the Chirk car boot sale with one or two supporters and it just happened to be the same day as I went with about 20 supporters.

"He was walking about by himself and so we went over to say hello and we all patted him on the back - he didn't realise we were sticking Labour stickers on his back until afterwards - those little fun things that we do."

Anyone know what happened to Boris?

Some people, cynically, wondered if there is a link between the timing of Mr Jones's announcement and the imminent publication of details of MPs' expense claims.

He told us: "I have claimed on receipts ever since i got here. Would you believe i have subsidised my office costs , probably not but it's true. ... last month I had £342 left in my second home allowance to pay a rent bill alone that was £1745.40 - it is not adequate. ... the job is in two places and so we need another home."

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't that comment say it all - only £342 left in my allowance. As if it's there to be used up to the limit rather than based on what he's actually spending on his work.
Jones has milked the system to the max.

Dicky Bow Jones has come a long way from his 80s persona as a left-winger who was arrested for throwing tomatoes at Margaret thatcher.