Friday, 15 May 2009

A moat point

One of the more creative responses to the expenses crisis is the idea from the Monmouth Conservative MP David Davies that an independent panel of individuals "above reproach" should vet his expenses.

Mr Davies suggested to a colleague of mine that I might be a suitable person to join the panel, even though I'm not a constituent.

I was briefly tempted by the prospect of rifling through an MP's receipts every now and again. I can well understand that the idea of a journalist vetting expenses may amuse some politicians.

Alas, I fear I shall have to decline - and not for the reason that he might seek reciprocal rights to check my own (rather modest) expenses.

I am, however, prepared to inspect Mr Davies's moat should he ever try to claim expenses for one.

I am filming away from Westminster for the next week, so blogging may be light to non-existent. I suspect one fewer hack around the place may cheer up MPs feeling (understandably) a bit down in the current atmosphere even if it reduces the opportunity for shooting the messenger.

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Phantom Nurse said...

I think the idea of an "independent somebody" vetting the expenses of the politicians is bloody good. However I honestly do not see that happening. The politicians may loudlly say "yes" to the idea but I am pretty sure they will find ways to stop it's implementation, i.e., there is no budget for that, or some such thing.