Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Banking on the MoD?

The Ministry of Defence has done its best to do what the Wales Office couldn't do - and answer questions about the prospects for the defence training academy at St Athan.

Apparently the banking situation and "the evolving situation in Afghanistan" are responsible for delays in the planning stages of the project.

The scheme is expected to go before an MoD review board for approval next February, almost a year later than scheduled.

In the light of Afghanistan, the programme is being adjusted to ensure British troops receive "relevant" training.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "Despite some delays to the planning stages of the DTR project, there is currently no change to the end date and final contracts remain scheduled to be signed in the summer of 2010."

Perhaps the key word there is "scheduled". Voters will notice the proximity of "the summer of 2010" to the next general election. Cheryl Gillan may find herself answering rather than asking questions before the academy is built.

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