Thursday, 16 July 2009

Democratic renewal

Gordon Brown may have become Prime Minister without the hassle of an election, but that bastion of democracy, the House of Lords is a bit fussy about these democratic niceties.

So congratulations to Lord Aberdare, the newest member of the upper House. One of the ironies of the half-reformed House of Lords is that the only elected members are the owners of hereditary titles.

Lord Aberdare, or Alastair John Lyndhurst Bruce as he's doubtless known to his mates in the Cynon Valley Historical Society, takes the seat left vacant by the death crossbench hereditary peer Viscount Bledisloe.

Lord Aberdare is the son of the 4th Baron, a former Conservative Minister who was an ace real tennis player and former chairman of the Football Trust.

The newly-elected peer is a former trustee of the National Botanic Garden of Wales and a fellow of Cardiff University.

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