Wednesday, 15 July 2009

How To Avoid Answering the Question

Cheryl Gillan took time off from wittering during Welsh Questions to ask a specific question about the proposed defence training academy at St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The project, to centralise services training, has seen several delays since it was first announced and there are growing questions over its future.

This was Cheryl Gillan's question to the Wales Office Minister Wayne David: "The defence training project at St Athan would bring huge opportunities to Wales.

"Can the Minister confirm that the Secretary of State is co-ordinating with the Ministry of Defence is co-ordinating with the Ministry of Defence and that the pre-contract agreement letter will be issued to the preferred bidder this week, on time, on the 17th of July, or will this be delayed by the Government?"

Wayne David's reply: "Can I say that the honourable lady is absolutely correct in stressing the importance of this investment to Wales.

"It will be the largest single investment in the Welsh economy that there's ever been and the defence technical college will be of tremendous benefit not only to the Welsh economy but obviously to the armed forces of the United Kingdon.

"My right honourable friend the Secretary of State fully recognises the importance of this. he's had discussions with the Secretary of State for Defence and they're going forward together and he can be absolutely assured that we recognise the importance of this project for Wales as a whole."

Warm words, but not exactly an answer to the question asked.

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