Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Headlines you'll never read: Don Touhig AM

Sometimes the least surprising answers are the most fun.

My colleague Bethan James asked the retiring Don Touhig, not someone known for his enthusiasm for the Welsh Assembly, whether his departure from the Commons was linked to ambitions elsewhere - in Cardiff Bay?

There follows an audible intake of breath from said MP and an answer that is followed by a chuckle: "I don't think so, I mean it is a, er, no I have enjoyed being here, it has been a great privilege to serve but I have no plans or ambitions to go to the Welsh Assembly."

Touhig rules out Assembly role - hold the front page on that one.

Could his political ambitions lie closer to home, perhaps in the House of Lords where many former Labour Ministers and prime ministerial friends end up? Lord Touhig of Islwyn, perhaps?
"I don't think so" says a laughing MP. So if you're offered a peerage would you accept it?

Don Touhig: "I wouldn't be offered a peerage I shouldn't think.".

Is it just me, or was he ever so slightly blushing slightly during that final answer?

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