Monday, 8 February 2010

Lib Dem drama latest

UPDATE: A paramedic has come forward to jog Mick Bates' memory - this from Radio Wales News.

He has now been relieved of his frontbench duties after a paramedic claimed he was physically assaulted by him. The medic, who is planning to press charges against Mr Bates, says he was punched in the chest and that the police were called to give Mr Bates a verbal warning.

According to the paramedic, Mr Bates delivered a tirade of verbal abuse, and punched him in the chest while he was trying to administer first aid. A police officer was called into the ambulance to give Mr Bates a warning but he was not arrested. The paramedic says that the abusive behaviour continued at the accident and emergency department, where he was kept under observation by security. The Liberal Democrats say they're investigating.

Mick Bates has previously questioned NHS executives about the problems caused by violence and aggression to staff.

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