Thursday, 4 February 2010

Peter's friends and a sell-out

As Labour donors prepare to break bread with the Welsh political and rugby establishment (well, one or two of them), the Liberal Democrats are gearing up for their own fund-raising conference in Swansea.

Keen readers of this blog, both of you, will remember how the Lib Dems offered companies the chance to sponsor a reception hosted by the Welsh Assembly Member Peter Black. This will jog your memory.

Sadly, I can reveal that, despite the knockdown price of £800 for the whole reception - roughly the cost of a single main course with Welsh Labour - there was a slight shortage of blue-chip companies, or indeed fish-and-chip companies, prepared to sponsor the bash. It won't now take place.

Peter himself tells me: "I asked and was told that there were no offers for the reception that was advertised in my name."

So the rest of us will just have to make alternative plans - as if being bumped off the guest list for Katie and Alex's wedding was not enough of a blow for one week.

The Lib Dems tell me that despite their failure to sell Peter's party, their £45-a-head conference dinner is sold out.

The guest speaker is Evan Harris MP who, I am told by the Lib Dems, is "very, very funny."

Perhaps it's the way he tells them. Swansea beckons. See you at Paddington.

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