Thursday, 15 May 2008

Brown backs Bluebirds - and Pompey

There was a buzz about Downing Street today as Gordon Brown prepared to face the world's media after one of his most difficult weeks in office.

Inside Number 10, hacks gathered to question the Prime Minister on the big issues of the day - the economic slowdown, the credit crunch, rising inflation, natural disasters, geo-political instability.

So naturally I asked Mr Brown whether he'd be supporting Cardiff City in Saturday's FA Cup Final. As a Raith Rovers fan, he has some experience in supporting underdogs so I wanted to give him the chance to send a message to the Bluebirds that he's on their side.

Here's the response, as delivered live on the BBC News Channel:

"Two days ago I met Dave Jones, the manager of Cardiff City, and some of the officials and I wished him well as he approached the Cup Final.

"I also met Sol Campbell at the same reception and having satisfied myself that he was going to be fit for the Cup Final I also wished him well in the match ahead.

"I think this is going to be a great match. I think it is essentially a clash in the great Raith Rovers versus Celtic match context, between the premier league club and the challenger and I wish both sides well in the tournament.

"Dave Jones has done a great job as manager but obviously Portsmouth has had a great season as well. It's going to be a great clash - look forward to watching it."

I got the balanced, even-handed response I expected but feared. Still, worth a try.

I'll be generous and resist the temptation to suggest Mr Brown is dithering or sitting on the fence.

It must be hell being PM - you get to watch the big domestic games spending 90 minutes of agony cheering for a draw.

I'm off to check the records to see when Raith Rovers last beat Celtic.......

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Nick said...

When one considers the loss dominated record of teams Gordon Brown has been known to turn up to watch I am rather relieved he didn't declare his support for Cardiff City.