Monday, 19 May 2008

Ethics man

It's one of those profound ethical dilemmas that confront contestants on Mr and Mrs, the recently exhumed TV show where politicians and celebrities demonstrate how much (or how little) they know about their partner.

It's your wedding anniversary. You are offered a ticket to watch your home team play in the FA Cup Final, for the first time in 81 years. It may not happen again while you are on this planet.

Do you

a) Turn down the ticket in favour of a romantic anniversary day out;
b) What could be more romantic than the FA Cup? Go to Wembley;
c) Compromise - find a gastro-pub with a big screen?

Unlike me, my wife didn't spend a significant part of her youth at Ninian Park, watching Brian Clark, Peter King, Bobby Woodruff, then Phil Dwyer, Adrian Alston, Tony Evans and company.

Mrs C is neither Welsh nor a football fan, but she was very understanding when I opted for option b) - at least that's what she said in the note I found waiting for me on my return home......

It was a fantastic day, a brilliant atmosphere and a far better game than last year's tedious encounter, even if the result was equally disappointing.

Patrick Collins wrote: "It was a real pleasure to have a Final without the presence of the so-called Big Four, with their blase fans and players wearing so-what faces, and rotational managers husbanding their reserves to prepare for more important tasks elsewhere".

As Jimmy Floyd "Cashinthebank" pointed out, the Cardiff fans stayed to watch - and applaud - as Portsmouth were presented with the cup.

A day well worth the domestic grief to come. At least next year's anniversary falls on a Sunday.

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