Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Men in Grey Beards

Fantasy politics can be a fun game for Westminster journalists on those rare days when there's no Government crisis to report.

Now MPs seem to be joining in the game. Paul Flyn unveils his fantasy cabinet here. Gordon is still Prime Minister - Gordon Prentice, that is. Mr Prentice, along with the other Flynn selections is unlikely to be offered office under any likely PM but the significance of the line-up is the suggestion that Gordon Brown should go before the next election.

The Newport West backbencher poses a question that currently focuses Labour MPs - and offers this answer: "Yes of course it’s possible to win a fourth term. Here is the plan. Gordon Brown survives until the D-Day of January 1st 2010. By then he will have rebuilt his authority and he can resign with dignity and honour."

The blogging equivalent of a visit from the men in grey suits - the men in grey beards, perhaps? - or the traditional leaving gift of a pearl-handled revolver and a bottle of whisky?

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