Monday, 28 July 2008

A corner of a "foreign" field......

It must be the only place on earth where Charles and Diana's wedding anniversary is still celebrated.

On the last Friday of July, on every year since 1981, Bushy Park in south-west London fills up with more than 500 runners taking part in what is known as the Wedding Day 7k.

The event is presided over by the sort of priest you won't find in Crockford's Clerical Directory.

He runs by the name of "Father Onn" (there's a clue in there somewhere) and mixes a dog collar with running shorts, a panama hat, striped socks and sandals.

Father Onn (left) would be played in a film by Simon Callow although further investigation reveals that he is in fact Mark Thomas, who hails from Bridgend but is now a leading light in one of London's biggest running clubs.

The Wedding Day 7k may also be the only race outside Wales where a Welsh lovespoon is offered as a prize - to the first couple across the line.
Sadly, there's no prize for weariest middle-aged, sleep-deprived hack recovering from by-election the night before but apparently it's the taking part that counts.

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