Tuesday, 1 July 2008

If you can't stand the heat

The Conservative commitment to making devolution work doesn't extend to making it interesting for some of their leading MPs.

David Jones, the party's Welsh affairs spokesman, was less than enthralled to spend a sunny evening discussing powers to give the Welsh Assembly the power to legislate on domicillary care.

It was, reports the Clwyd West MP, "particularly tedious". This may surprise you but he said he'd rather be outside in the park enjoying the sun than debating a draft legislative competence order.

The Clwyd West MP wrote on his blog: "Gloriously warm day in London, the sort that makes you wish you were outside enjoying the sun in St James's Park, rather than indoors debating a particularly tedious draft Order in Council."

Mr Jones must hope this doesn't harm his promotion prospects for the next Tory frontbench reshuffle.

A high boredom threshold, an inexhaustible love of constitutional reform jargon ("Barnett consequentials" to choose one phrase offered in reaction to today's Tory plans) and an ability to contemplate one's own navel at length are as essential for any ambitious Welsh politician as a heat-resistant anorak.

It has been a long, intense day. What a treat it is when the only "third reading" around involves another instalment of Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka. As Sir Derek Jacobi would doubtless put it, isn't that a pip?

1 comment:

David Jones said...

Actually, David, the fact that I not only attended the debate but participated in it actively and with huge enthusiasm demonstrates just how high my boredom threshold is.

Thought you were fishing for info to write this up when you quizzed me about it in Central Lobby!

By the way, rain is forecast for tomorrow.