Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Murphy ready for his close-up

I'm not the only person to have noticed how the taxpayer-funded Wales Office annual report features photographs only of Labour politicians from both Westminster and Cardiff Bay during a chapter labelled Promoting Wales.

Tory MP David Jones raised the issue with Welsh Secretary Paul Murphy today: "I can't help noticing that each and every one of those politicians happens to be a Labour politician.

"I was just wondering maybe next time when the report is produced possibly I and some of my colleagues on this side of the committee room and our colleagues could possibly feature in some of these photographs as well in the interests of equity."

Mr Murphy: "Not a problem - and I'd be more than happy to have a photograph taken with any Welsh member of parliament - the only trouble is of course there happen to be more of ours....

"It's not a trouble really, is it though? Not everybody wants a picture of me, of course...."

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