Tuesday, 27 October 2009

"I had to wait 10 years too"

Given the Prime Minister's current unpopularity, you might think Carwyn Jones is taking a risk by including the above photograph in a leaflet being sent to party members ahead of the Welsh Labour leadership election.

The photograph, snapped on Welsh night at Labour's conference in Brighton, was taken before Rhodri Morgan announced his retirement plans so any suggestion, counter-productive or not, that the PM was endorsing the Welsh Counsel General is wide of the mark.

Apparently, via what looks like an unusual handshake, Mr Brown was actually thanking Mr Jones for all the hard work he'd done in Wales. Alternatively, the Prime Minister may have been empathising on what it's like to wait in the wings for years before acquiring a top job at a politically inopportune moment.

Alternative caption suggestions welcome.


Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown...."Och Carwyn, ye cannae beat a traditional Scotch mutton pie"

Carwyn Jones..."Ah but Gordon, I'm a Clarks pie man myself. Two a day and three on Saturdays"

big fat zero said...

Brown: "And what do you do?"

Chough said...

The distinct pressure of the thumb between the third and fourth knuckle is usually only given when greeting an Immediate Past Prime Minister. I suggest CJ is hedging his bets.

Anonymous said...

You've changed, Rhodri.

Anonymous said...

Brown to CJ: Dont expect any favours; we tried to rig the last leadership contest and ended up with Rhodri Morgan.

Anonymous said...

Gordon: I hear you're a good barrister, Tony and I might be going to have a little difficulty shortly. Something to do with the War in Iraq an war crimes, any advice?

Carwyn:Yes, go on the run now. Radovan managed to hide for a decade, I'm sure you could too.