Monday, 26 October 2009

Lembit Opik doesn't exist

Lembit Opik doesn't exist. No, really. The Montgomeryshire MP, former leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and celebrity magazine regular has disappeared from an internet search tool on the parliamentary website.

The Montgomeryshire MP's name does not appear on the alphabetical "search by Member" page on the online version of Hansard
It means the nation is denied the chance to click on his written and spoken contributions to parliamentary debates.

The man himself told PA News: "I'm both appalled and amazed by this and will bring it to the attention of the House authorities.

"I would look to raise it in the Commons as a point of order but presumably that will be pretty difficult if I don't exist."

Mr Opik believes the umlaut over the first letter of his surname - which I can't find on my keyboard - may be to blame.

Alternatively, perhaps he really doesn't exist and the last 12 years have been a mass hallucination for the residents of Montgomeryshire and readers of Hello! magazine.

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Valleys Mam said...

great post
Yep a waste of space has been deleted lol , it wasnt Kirsty was it !
Sadly we will probably have him back soon