Monday, 23 November 2009

£800 to be Peter's friend

How much would you pay to have dinner with the Welsh Liberal Democrats? Did I hear fifty quid at the back?

If you have nine mates, why not make a night of it and claim the discounted rate of £450 for a table for 10?

Or if you're feeling really flush, two grand will allow you to sponsor the conference dinner as the Welsh Lib Dems gather in Swansea next February.
"Sponsorship includes:

Space to display promotional material (banners, pop-ups, leaflets etc).

10 minutes to address everyone present with a speech.

A thank you from the appropriate party spokesperson for your organisation.

2 tickets to the Conference Dinner on the top table.

2 Observer Passes to Conference.

A full page black & white advert in the Conference Guide.

Your organisation’s logo printed on menus and tickets.

An invitation to the Conference Dinner with your organisation’s logo sent to all party members. We can include an advert for your organisation as well if you wish.

Or, for £1,500 you can sponsor a reception that takes place during the Wales vs England Six Nations match.

At half time, you'll be allowed to make a speech to delegates who will have switched off from the game to want to focus on your policy area.

The Lib Dems promise: "We will supply the first drink for the guests."

Or for a more modest £800 you can sponsor a reception hosted by Peter Black AM. You too could have Peter as a guest at your party for just £800 - are they selling his company too cheap?

You can find out more here.

Many thanks to the Elgan Morgan of the Welsh Lib Dems conference committee for sending me the link to their conference opportunities.

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Peter Black said...

And do you know sonmething this is the first I have heard of it.