Tuesday, 2 October 2007

DC on DC

Just back from the Derby room at the Imperial Hotel and my allotted five minutes with David Cameron.

I think I must have been only the 29th hack to interview the Tory leader today.

He did look just a little fed up having to switch at five-minute intervals between the various nations and regions of the BBC - from policing in Kent to the Scottish Parliament.

He's a polished performer and I didn't come away with a world exclusive.

But he did have fairly interesting things to say about Tory Assembly leader Nick Bourne's call for the Welsh Assembly to be given more powers and the idea that St David's Day could become a bank holiday. Cameron thinks it's an attractive idea and the UK has too few public holidays.

Will it appear in the Tory manifesto for the next (imminent?) general election? No guarantees.

I also asked this old Etonian if he's too posh for Wales. You can guess the answer.

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