Wednesday, 31 October 2007

News travels

Many politicians dream of securing their place in history; most have to be content with at best a footnote.

But few achieve the recognition of being the subject of a pub quiz question in their own lifetime.

I joined a team in a basement bar around the corner from the Old Bailey in the heart of legal London last night.

Among the questions in the "relatively current affairs" round was this one: "Who recently resigned as leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats?"

Not the sort of question you expect in a central London pub quiz - and possibly not a question the quizmaster expected us to get right.

Mind you, we didn't quite get the full correct answer which, according to the quizmaster, was this: "Lembit Opik, better known as one half of the Cheeky Girls".

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It depends what you are remembered for -there's John Profumo and Nelson Mandela.
I think that being remembered as the squeeze of a weather girl and then half of crap pop duo is not really up there