Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Statue in the square

Parliament Square is home to statues of world leaders from Churchill to Mandela.

Within 48 hours it will also be home to a statue of David Lloyd George, the only Welshman (albeit one born in Manchester) to become Prime Minister of the UK.
His statue, sculpted by Glynn Williams (left), is currently behind scaffolding to await its unveiling by the Prince of Wales on Thursday. It will stand 18 feet high, including a slate plinth.

I met Professor Williams, head of sculpture at the Royal College of Art, this morning and got a sneak preview of the statue. He spent more than a year working on it, and many more years trying to get the go-ahead for it from various planning authorities.
Historian and Labour peer Kenneth O. Morgan rates Lloyd George as Britain's most radical PM. Without giving anything away about the final design, I don't think he or other fans of Lloyd George will be disappointed when the statue is unveiled.

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