Thursday, 25 October 2007

Lloyd George knew my father

This is it - the new statue of David Lloyd George unveiled in Parliament Square this afternoon.
Five grand-children, eighteen great-grandchildren, and countless great great grandchildren gathered among royalty and today's political leaders for the unveiling of the statue.
Lord Morris of Aberavon, who chaired the trustees who organised the appeal and errection of the statue spoke first. "Your royal highnesses, it is a great privilege to welcome you both." He then added in what some, not I, might see as a shameless piece of name dropping: ".....not for the first time."
Prince Charles said that although Lloyd George was proud of his Welsh roots he would be best remembered as a national and international statesman.
Away from the politicos and Liberal Democrats revisiting glory days, it did have the air of a family gathering, more wedding than funeral.
Among those present was Jennifer Longford, daughter of Lloyd George's mistress and later second wife, Frances Stevenson.
Mrs Longford has long believed that Lloyd George was her father although the list of family welcomed by Earl Lloyd George pointedly began a generation later.

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