Friday, 5 October 2007

Diary date

A date for your diary, but not one in November. The UK Government will reveal the results of its spending review - and the pre-Budget report - next Tuesday.

A last chance to bribe us with our own money before polling day? Or a long-scheduled piece of political furniture? Today's polls make an election less likely.

The pre-Budget report offers Alistair Darling a chance to respond to Tory initiatives on stamp duty and inheritance tax - two policies that appear to be playing well with voters despite questions about how they would be paid for.

The spending review will set out public spending limits between now and 2011, including the Welsh Assembly Government's budget.

There will be more money for health and education in England, which means a bigger budget for Wales, but the rate of increase will slow down dramatically compared with the past few bountiful years.

Those Labour/Plaid Ministers will find themselves with some tough decisions to take if they're going to deliver the policies they've signed up to.


Aralio said...

hi David

I've heard from an impeccable source that GB will call the election on Tuesday, same day as CSR and PBR.

David Cornock said...

Thanks Aralio - looks like your impeccable source may have been proved wrong - although we hacks usually like to say "it was right at the time"

Aralio said...

and now Nick Robinson says he's called it off! much for a change in style of government!

Aralio said...

ah criss-crossing comments.

indeed, it was "right at the time".

the source was in tears at the prospect...