Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Celebrity matters

It's more than two years ago since the end of the Blair era was marked by predictions that a cultural shift away from the age of celebrity was on the way.

Indeed, one of those hoping to take advantage of this shift, told The Guardian:

"I think we're moving from this period when, if you like, celebrity matters, when people have become famous for being famous. I think you can see that in other countries too - people are moving away from that to what lies behind the character and the personality."

People may well be moving away from that, although recent photo-opportunities with footballers and other appointments - Sir Alan Sugar as a business adviser - suggests the Prime Minister is embracing celebrity culture.

This afternoon it was revealed that Martha Lane Fox will become Britain's "digital inclusion champion".

Ms Lane Fox is be a successful businesswoman in her own right. You can hear her for yourself if you book her via Celebrity Speakers.

Perhaps celebrity matters after all.

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