Monday, 22 June 2009

The votes are being counted

The Radio Wales studio (two picnic chairs and a table) is still going strong on a patch of grass in between Westminster Abbey and the House of Commons.

Luckily, things have warmed up and Good Evening Wales presenter Gareth Lewis has not had to borrow the toe-warming canvas bag used earlier by his colleague Bethan Rhys Roberts (full marks, Peter Black and Tomos Livingstone, who also spotted the legs of Paul Flynn MP).

The Commons clerks are currently counting the votes in the historic first secret ballot for the Speakership.

Speeches from the 10 candidates were mercifully brief, and most added to their reputation.

An enterprising man from Ladbrokes is touring the outside broadcast points with a small blackboard bearing the latest odds. Sir George Young is the current 6/4 favourite.

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