Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Jargon is one of the curses of modern life, a view I'd hold even if I wasn't trying to discover what "portrayal targets" are for my own BBC appraisal.

So hats off to Elly Chesterman, who has invented a board game - Jargon! - to help children settle into foster home.

Elly, from Wrexham, has spent 15 years as a foster carer - one of the unsung army who play such important roles helping vunerable youngsters.

Her board game has seen Elly short-listed for British Female Inventor or Innovator of the Year 2009.

She says: "A lot of jargon is used – we talk about respite care, educational needs, placements which can sound like a foreign language. We say a child has a contact visit with her grandmother when as far as the child is concerned she’s seeing her Nan".

Elly's idea has the support of the taxpayer-funded Welsh Innovators Network. I look forward to the spin-off game to explain some of the jargon used by politicians.

It could help the voters understand what they mean by "stakeholders", "task and finish groups", "service delivery", "patient pathway" and all the other impenetrable phrases loved by those who rule over us.

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