Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A volunteer no more

No wonder he's smiling. Having toiled as Harriet Harman's
deputy for the past eight months, Chris Bryant has finally been put on the Government payroll.

The newly-promoted Foreign Office Minister will be around £30,000 a year richer after Gordon Brown completed his reshuffle of junior government posts.

Although once known as an ultra-Blairite, the Rhondda MP was among those involved in the coup against Tony Blair in late 2006.

Others involved in the coup against Blair, such as Wayne David and Mark Tami, have prospered in a Brown Government, although Mr Tami also had to get by on his backbencher's salary for a while.

Another who resigned as an (unpaid) parliamentary aide in the Blair administration, Ian Lucas, was today promoted from assistant whip to junior Minister in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills under the unofficial deputy PM Lord Mandelson.

As the Wrexham MP puts it: “It will be very exciting to work with Lord Mandelson and other colleagues in the department."

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