Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Question Time

A silver lining amid the gathering storm clouds? Prime Minister's Question Time was not as bad as some Labour MPs feared and no Minister has resigned for, ooh, several hours now.

Gordon Brown was calm throughout his half-hour in the Commons, offering magnanimous words for his departing Ministers despite provocation from the opposition parties.

Hazel Blears' resignation offered David Cameron an open goal. He said what you'd expect him to say. It felt as if Mr Cameron was pulling the odd punch.

Perhaps the most worrying thing for Labour would be for the Tories to go soft on the PM in their desire to keep him in Downing Street rather than a more voter-friendly alternative such as Alan Johnson?

There are reports of MPs being canvassed about a "Gordon Must Go" letter that could be presented to Downing Street as early as tonight.

You'd think Labour MPs would be doing a different sort of canvassing today and I've failed to find a backbencher who's been asked to sign a letter.

That said, there are plenty of Labour MPs who are unhappy with Mr Brown's leadership. Expect more to say so publicly when the polls close tomorrow night,

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