Sunday, 27 September 2009

Another PR triumph

Who said Labour were obsessed with spin and image? Tonight, the party banned television cameras from a Welsh Night reception here in Brighton.

So viewers won't get to see Gordon Brown's tribute to the retiring Rhodri Morgan, or hear his campaigning message delivered to delegates.

The decision to ban the cameras incensed AMs, MPs and Ministers present at the bash, never mind those of us who depend on pictures to tell news stories.

Gordon Brown is the first Labour leader to ban cameras from the event. It's not as if he turned up, told a few blue jokes and drank 17 cans of Tennant's Extra before being grilled on his latest NHS prescription.

So why the ban? He warned delegates "we are up against the media" which may explain the camera shyness.

Otherwise, he was relaxed, fluent and cheerful, doing a passable impression of a human being. What a shame you won't get to see that for yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Cameras were let in last year, where they not?

David Cornock said...

They were, for the arrivals, but were kicked out before the PM spoke. This year they even tried to stop us filming the arrivals.

Anonymous said...

Could it be because of that excruciating occasion when Rhodri presented a pair of Red Dragon boxer shorts to the then Labour leader? I forget if it was John Smith or Tony Blair. Hopefuly your memory is better than mine!

David Cornock said...

It was Tony Blair, although I have no idea whether he wears them these days during his international jet-setting role.