Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The halo slips again?

Vince Cable, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, Treasury spokesman and sage of Twickenham, joined us for the Good Morning Wales outside broadcast from Bournemouth today.

As you might expect, Bethan Rhys Roberts asked him about the proposed defence training academy at St Athan, which featured in his "recovery plan for the UK" published last week.

"I didn't actually refer to it being scrapped at all," said Dr Cable.

Really? This is what the pamphlet says the main proposals are:

"Reducing the amount of waste in the defence procurement process, including scrapping the Eurofighter and Tranche 3 (£5 billion over 6 years), the A400M (total cost £22 billion), Nimrod MRA4, the Defence Training Review contract (£13 billion over 25 years) and the Trident submarine successor (£70 billion over 25 years)."

Is it just me, or has Dr Cable's halo slipped again? It's all a bit shocking. They'll be telling us Father Christmas doesn't exist next.


Anonymous said...

Vince is getting himself into a lot of trouble recently. He seems to either lying about the things he has said or does not think through what he is proposing. Either way this is a blow to his reputation

Anonymous said...

Your pamphlet link tells me the document 'cannot be found'. Has it been withdrawn due to embarassment?