Thursday, 3 September 2009

The first snub of September?

It's that time of year again. A hefty document lands on the doormat to quel that almost tangible sense of anticipation.

But enough about the new Argos catalogue, the equally lengthy agenda for the Liberal Democrat conference has also arrived amid no less excitement.

Students of Welsh politics who plough through A fresh start for Britain - Choosing a different, better future, will be quick to spot one of those "snubs to Wales" that punctuate the political landscape.

This is, says Nick Clegg, "one of our most important conferences ever". But there is no space on the conference platform for the new leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams.

There is a speaking slot for her Scottish counterpart, Tavish Scott MSP, but Ms Williams is likely to be seen but not heard in the conference hall.

Party officials deny that this is response to the Lib Dems' 5th place in the European elections in Wales and say Ms W had a starring role at their spring gathering even if that was largely ignored by a weary media suffering from conference fatigue.

UPDATE: The Lib Dems now say their Welsh leader will be "summating" a debate on devolution on the Sunday morning, and will therefore be heard as well as seen in the conference hall even if she is denied a keynote platform role.


Mr Nicholas said...

So she gets a place in Spring and it's not reported because you were a bit tired by all the politics that you're supposed to be reporting.

But later in the year, with nothing to do, you find the time to report the fact that the UK Lib Dems don't repeat their agenda twice in a year.

This probably says more about you, David, and your approach to reporting, than it does about the Liberal Democrats and their respect for Kirsty Williams.

David Cornock said...

Thank you, Mr Nicholas. Perhaps my attempted humour was a little too subtle. The Lib Dems do hold more conferences than any other party so we can't cover them all fully but I'll be raring to go in Bournemouth at the end of September. Hope to see you there.

Anonymous said...

I notice that Kirsty does have a speaking slot in the agenda during one of the debates.

Anonymous said...

I notice that Kirsty does have a speaking slot in the agenda during one of the debates.

Anonymous said...

Quick all Lib Dem press officers get over to David Cornock's blog and scream in case this story catches on. ha