Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Not a dossier

"It is not a dossier." At least that's what Chris Bryant told me when I asked about his publication today of a document on the Tories and Wales.

The said document predicts that the Conservatives would slash around £2.5bn off public spending in Wales.

The Tories say that's news to them, as they appear reluctant to confirm any concrete proposals.

Labour come up with the £2.5bn figure by assuming the Conservatives would cut 10 per cent of the £25.3bn the Treasury says is spent in Wales each year.

The non-dossier predicts that if the Tories win the general election, the minimum wage would be frozen and the winter fuel payment and tax credits would be abolished.

Scare-mongering, say the Conservatives although they won't say how much they would spend in Wales if they won the election.

Struggling to get detailed answers on the non-dossier I switched to the philosophical question of the week: Is Chris Bryant a mushy peas or guacamole man?

"It depends whether I'm having fish and chips or potato wedges," explained the Rhondda MP.
"But I am the Minister for Latin America".

The "new Labour for Britain" logo on the back page of his non-dossier puts him firmly in the guacamole camp.

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