Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Lib Dem scrappage scheme latest

This is Vince Cable's answer to a question about the proposed St Athan defence academy project, as broadcast this morning:

"No scrapping at all. I don't know how much you've read what I've said. But I was simply reporting evaluations by other people that there were questions about how important it was. I didn't actually refer to it being scrapped at all.......certainly didn't talk at all about cutting or culling that's been attributed to me, but we've got to have a critical review of these things. of course the government hasnt delivered this project as it happens I mean there's question marks with that."

And this is what he said a week ago were among his main proposals for economic recovery:

"Reducing the amount of waste in the defence procurement process, including scrapping the Eurofighter and Tranche 3 (£5 billion over 6 years), the A400M (total cost £22 billion), Nimrod MRA4, the Defence Training Review contract (£13 billion over 25 years) and
the Trident submarine successor (£70 billion over 25 years)."

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