Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Crisis? What crisis?!

No, this isn't a Peter Hain fund-raising event, even if some of his friends do appear prominently in the photograph.

North Wales MPs got together to promote the addition of Snowdonia Cheese on the menu in the Members' dining room.

Chris Ruane said, "It is important to us that we promote welsh produce here in London and more specifically here in the Commons."

MPs have their own favourites. Betty Williams, Martyn Jones and Ian Lucas are fans of "Black Bomber", Chris Ruane, David Hanson and Mark Tami prefer the 'Red Devil' - and Albert Owen's choise is 'Green Thunder.'

Snowdonia Cheese also supply Ginger Spice, Pickle Power, Purple Passion and Amber Mist - the latter is a medium cheddar laced with whisky in an orange wax.

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